48 Hrs. Double Feature (1982-1990) R1 Custom Cover

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Another 48 Hrs.

Another 48 Hrs. (DVD)

Times may change…but these guys don’t! Eddie Murphy (Shrek, Dr. Doolitt le) and Nick Nolte (Hotel Rwanda, Cape Fear) are back on the streets in this smash sequel. Ex-con Reggie Hammond (Murphy) has just been release d from prison, and he’s having his worst day eve r…he’s got no money, hi s beloved Porsche was blown to bits and someone wants him dead. Hard-no sed cop Jack Cates (Nolte) isn’t having any better luck…he’s accused of manslaughter in a drug bust gone wrong, and may lose his badge. Fate ha s pushed these unlikely partners back together…one to fight for his job, and the other for his life. It’s another car-chasing, fist-flying, sho ot-‘em-up 48 hours in the city streets of San Francisco. And once again , Murphy and Nolte are in rare form as they team up to take the bad guys down!

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