A Horse Called Warrior Hero of WW1 (2008) R1

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A Horse Called Warrior Hero of WW1 (2008) R1 – Movie DVD – Front DVD Cover –

”Galloper Jack” Seely and his horse Warrior were one of the most remarkable teams in history. The man: a famed adventurer, Cabinet Minister and close friend of Winston Churchill, who led the Canadian Cavalry in a crucial charge that helped save the Allied cause in March 1918. The horse: a uniquely brave and talented thoroughbred which Seely bred on the Isle of Wight, took to France in August 1914 and was still riding on that fateful day at the end of the war. This program, narrated by celebrated broadcaster Brough Scott, grandson of Jack Seely, re-traces the heroic story of both man and beast as the role of the War Horse is brought vividly to life.

A Horse Called Warrior Hero of WW1