A Stephen King Collection (6) (1976-2006) R1 Custom Cover

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The Green Mile (Single Disc Edition)

Green Mile, The (DVD)

From award-winning writer-director Frank Darabont (The ShawshankRedemption) and best-selling author Stephen King’s novel comes the storyof a man who didn’t believe in miracles.Multiple Academy Award winner Tom Hanks leads a dynamic cast in a taleabout life, death and the wonders of the human spirit, The Green Mile.Death row head guard Paul Edgecomb (Hanks–Forrest Gump, Philadelphia)has walked many inmates down the stretch of green linoleum that leads toLouisiana’s electric chair. But never has he encountered anyone likeJohn Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan–Armageddon), a massive black manconvicted of brutally killing two little white girls. When pain cripplesEdgecomb, Coffey reaches from behind bars to lay healing hands on thestricken guard and rid him of the infection that racks his body.

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