American Dad!, Vol 6 (2009) R1 DVD Cover

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American Dad!, Vol. 6

From the demented comic minds of Mike Barker, Matt Weitzman and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane comes another hilarious volume of star-spangled insanity — including Stan battling the Antichrist in the outrageous “Rapture’s Delight” episode! Bumbling CIA operative Stan Smith will stop at nothing to defend everything that makes this country great — from strip bars to that most sacred of American institutions, The Goonies! Whether he’s trading brains with a racehorse or rescuing Roger from bloodthirsty revolutionaries, Stan will do whatever it takes to secure the blessings of liberty in this over-the-top salute to the greatest nation on Earth.

Episodes: Disc 1

  • In Country… Club
  • Moon Over Isla Island
  • Home Adrone
  • Brains, Brains, and Automobiles
  • Man in the Moonbounce
  • Shallow Vows

Episodes: Disc 2

  • My Morning Straitjacket
  • G-String Circus
  • Rapture’s Delight
  • Don’t Look a Smith Horse in the Mouth
  • A Jones for a Smith
  • May the Best Stan Win

Episodes: Disc 3

  • Return of the Bling
  • Cops & Roger
  • Merlot Down Dirty Shame
  • Bully For Steve
  • An Incident at Owl Creek
  • Great Space Roaster
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