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Best Seller

James Woods is “at his cold-blooded best” and Brian Dennehy shines in “one of the very best roles hes ever had” (Variety) in this “captivating and mesmerizing psychological thriller” (The Hollywood Reporter) in which trusting your partner can be as deadly as trusting your enemy. After years of loyal service, professional assassin Cleve (Woods) has been let go by the corporate empire he helped build. Now he wants revenge in a tell-all book. From different sides of the law and opposing ends of the moral spectrum, Cleve and best-selling author Dennis Meechum (Dennehy) forman unusual partnership. But when Meechum’s daughter is kidnapped by Cleve’s former employer, Meechum discovers exactly what kind of man he’s been partnered with as he’s pulled into an explosive confrontation that will leave only one of them standing!
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best seller dvd cover