Das Experiment (2002) R2 German Label

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The Experiment (Das Experiment)

Based on a chilling true story, The Experiment is an intense, high-energy thriller about a human behavior study in a controlled environment that gets wildly and horribly out of control. Stylish, compelling and incredibly provocative, “it’s an exhilarating and powerful work you won’t soon forget.” (Warren Curry, Cinemaspeak.com) An undercover reporter (Moritz Bleibtreu of Run Lola Run) signs up tobe a paid volunteer in a two-week scientific research project designed to test the psychological effects of prison life. Joining a group of 11 other volunteer “prisoners” in a makeshift prison, the inmates are monitored by eight volunteer “guards” and an elaborate system of surveillance cameras. Now, the watched and the watchers find themselves drawn into a twisted nightmare where vulnerability is weakness, power is intoxicating and The Experiment becomes a terrifying reality that will change their lives forever.
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