Dennis Quaid Filmography - Collection 6 (1997-1999) R1 Custom Covers

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Gang Related

A classic example of a good idea ruined by Hollywood formulas. Jim Belushi and Tupac Shakur (in his last performance) are two corrupt cops with an effective scheme: they rob and kill drug dealers. Unfortunately, one of their victims turns out to be an undercover agent for the DEA, and the two bad cops have to scramble to find a suspect to pin the murder on. Soon they’re caught in a web of missing evidence, false witnesses, and frayed nerves–Gang Related could have been a lean film noir, slowly tightening until the men break under the pressure. Unfortunately, this isn’t the 1940s, and suddenly the plot takes an absurd twist into the most melodramatic coincidence imaginable. It’s too bad. Also featuring the lovely Lela Rochon, James Earl Jones, David Paymer, and a surprise performance by Dennis Quaid. –Bret Fetzer
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