Disney Classics - Homeward Bound Triple Feature (1963-1996) R1 Custom Cover

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Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey

This new and thoroughly captivating theatrical hit from Disney has become an instant favorite with audiences of all ages. You’ll lose your heart to Chance, a fun-loving American bulldog pup; Sassy, a hilarious Himalayan cat who lives up to her name; and Shadow, a wise old golden retriever — all of whom express themselves with very familiar human voices! The adventure begins when the loving owners of these irresistible pets are forced to leave them in the temporary care of a friend who lives hundreds of miles away. But after several days, the worried animals begin to think their family must be in trouble, so they decide to head for home. On their incredible journey across the ruggedly beautiful Sierras, they encounter unexpected surprises from man, beast, and nature alike. It’s an unforgettable story of love, courage, and devotion that will delight and inspire generations to come!|To film a scene in which Shadow tries to get out of a pit but keeps slipping back because he can’t get a good grip, one trainer stood at the top of the pit calling the dog while another trainer stood at the bottom telling the dog to stay. When he did as commanded he would naturally start sliding downward.|For the scene in which Chance is too curious for his own good, rubber porcupine needles were attached to the side of his face with spirit gum. To give the impression that Sassy is trying to pull out the needles, cat food was smeared on the dog’s face.|Fake cats, a mechanical cat, and a real cat were used to film the scene in which Sassy goes over a waterfall.
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