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Essential Ernest Collection (Ernest Goes to Africa / Ernest’s Greatest Hits I / Ernest’s Greatest Hits II / Ernest in the Army / Hey Vern! It’s My Family Album / Your World As I See It)

The Essential Ernest Collection is comprised of the Ultimate Ernest and Maximum Ernest DVD sets.
Ultimate Ernest contains the feature film Ernest Goes To Africa as well as two classic Ernest videos, Ernest’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 and Ernest’s Greatest Hits Volume 2.
In Ernest Goes To Africa, Trouble always seems to find our buddy Ernest P. Worrell, with him losing his job at the gas station due to his bungled repair attempts. Looking to impress the waitress he has a crush on, Ernest comes into possession of two diamonds stolen from an African tribe. With the thieves thinking he’s a secret agent, Ernest and the waitress find themselves kidnapped and taken to Africa, facing all kinds of interesting misadventures.
With Ernest’s Greatest Hits Volume 1, you get a glimpse of what Ernest was up to prior to heading off to Africa. It turns out old Ernest was a pretty busy character as you see some of his old commercials, from public service announcements to hawking food, services and local television programs. Also included in the mix are some of Ernest’s miscues and bloopers that are sure to make you laugh.
Finally, Ernest’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 contain even more hilarious commericals starring everyone’s favorite goofy neighbor. These commercials feature some of Ernest’s most famous routines such as falling off a ladder, trying to fix a televison and getting electrocuted as well as propping up the window with his handy Acme window stop. Once again, you’ll also be treated to some outtakes and bloopers when things don’t quite go as planned!
Maximum Ernest contains the feature film Ernest in the Army as well as two classic Ernest videos, Hey Vern, It’s My Family Album and Your World As I See It.
In Ernest In the Army, Our old buddy Ernest P. Worrell loves the big Army trucks so he enlists in the Reserves to get a chance to drive them. Unfortunately, Ernest’s unit is called up to serve overseas as part of a force looking to stop a Middle Eastern dictator. While stationed in the desert with his unit, Ernest befriends a local youth and the two set off to rescue a female reporter covering the operation, whom Ernest has a crush on.
With Hey Vern, It’s My Family Album, Ernest finds his old family album and can’t wait to show his neighbor Vern. His family members star in a series of skits that are sure to entertain your whole family.
Finally, Your World As I See It has Jim Varney portraying a whole cast of wacky characters and family members in this extravaganza that features over 40 rare short stories. In this program Ernest P. Worrell is plagued by an overeducated alter ego named Astor Clement, a narrator who tries to unlock the sociological mysteries of our time.
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