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Friday The 13Th Part VII:The New B

Friday The 13Th Part VII: The New Blood (DVD)

What chance does a teenage girl have against a maniacal maniac with a ma chete? Pack your bags and return to Crystal Lake to find out for yourse lf…if you dare! In Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood – Deluxe Edit ion, young Tina Shepard possesses the gift of tel ekinesis, allowing her to move things and see the future, using the power of her mind. But whe n a devious doctor tries to exploit he r ability, the gift becomes a hel lish curse. Tina unwittingly unchains the merciless bloodthirsty Jason V oorhees from his watery gra ve, igniting a bloodbath that ends in the ul timate showdown in strength of mind versus pure evil matter. Experience the legacy of un relenting terror that never dies!

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