Mission Kashmir (2000) R2 Dutch Custom

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Mission Kashmir

When 11-year-old Altaaf is orphaned during a violent attack on his home by state police hunting a rebel leader, he is adopted by Inayat Khan, the kindly officer in charge of the raid, and his loving wife Neelima, whose son has just died in a freak accident. Altaaf’s dream life with his new parents is shattered, however, when he discovers the man whom he now calls his father is also the task forceleader who tragically gunned down his family. Fleeing Kashmir, the boy grows up under the tutelage of Hilal Kohistani, a brutal militant leader dedicated to a jihad seeking the independence of Kashmir. After ten years, Altaaf returns as Hilal’s instrument of destruction on a mission of annihilation, revolution and revenge. Unexpectedly, he reunites with Sufi, a beautiful long-lost childhood girlfriend, and finds himself torn between love and hatred, brutality and humanity, and forgiveness and vengeance in this thrilling action adventure where the past meets the present to decide the future ofa
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