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Moss Two-Disc Special Edition (or Iggi)

Hae-guk (PARK Hae-il, ”War of the Arrows”) receives word that his estranged father has passed away, so he travels to the remote village where the older man lived to attend the funeral. However, when Hae-guk starts asking questions about his father’s life – and unexplained death – the residents and their charismatic Chief (JUNG Jae-young, The Divine Weapon) exchange mysterious looks and seem anxious to rush him out of their village. Something isn’t right, and Hae-guk is determined to uncover the truth…at any cost!

Also known as Iggi, MOSS is a critically acclaimed, box-office smash features direction by KANG Woo-suk (Public Enemy films, Silmido), plus an all-star cast including JUNG Jae-young (The Divine Weapon, Silmido, Castaway on the Moon), PARK Hae-il (War of the Arrows, The Host, Memories of Murder), YOO Hae-jin (Public Enemy, Tazza: The High Rollers, The King and the Clown), YOO Sun (Black House, The Uninvited, Gabi), KIM Sang-ho (City Hunter TV, Blades of Blood, Woochi), KIM Jun-bae (Modern Boy, Cruel Winter Blues), and YOO Joon-sang (The Day He Arrives; Hahaha). Based on the award-winning web comic by YOON Tae-ho (2007 Korea Cartoon Awards, 2008 Bucheon Cartoon Awards), Moss was produced by Cinema Service and Let’s Film.

This deluxe two-DVD Special Edition includes upgraded English subtitles, plus almost 90 minutes of translated video extras from the South Korean limited-edition release – all with on/off English subtitles! Features: ”The Making of Moss,” ”The Beginning of the Story – The Comic Behind the Story,” art and set design documentary (”The Birth of the Village”), make-up and effects featurette (”Come Out to the Real World”), poster shoot video, original South Korean teaser and trailer, cast and director bios, and 5 Points Pictures trailers.

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Moss dvd cover