National Lampoon for Dummies - Set 6 (1983-2008) R1 Custom Cover
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National Lampoon’s Movie Madness

Outrageously funny! Scandalously shocking! And…did we mention the stripper? National LampoonÂ(r) spoofs the hell out of life as we know it in three eye-widening, knee-slapping and mom-offending movies combined into one hysterical whole…National LampoonÂ(r)’s Movie Madness! An arrogant corporate lawyer forces his wife to leave him so that he can find what’s been missing from his life and the mania begins. A victimized stripper vows to take over the world and mayhem sets in. Two mismatched cops search for a deranged serial killer and madness completely takesover! Individually, each movie will shock your senses. But together’they’ll blow you away!
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