Poltergeist Collection (4) (1982-2015) R1 Custom Cover

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5-Movie Poltergeist Collection: Closets / Haunting Sarah / The House That Would Not Die / Evidence of a Haunting / 3 A.M.: Inspired by a True Story

After having his family stolen from him by a supernatural being, Jonas Littleton is desperate to get them back. As he tries to track down the demon and recover his family, he uses his paranormal investigation business to exact his revenge.

3:00 AM: Inspired by a True Story
Every night at 3:00 a.m., Kenny gets a visitor, so he and his friend, Michael, decide to wait for the ghost’s arrival. Flickering lights, changing clocks and strange visions prove this is no hoax. But have these boys gotten themselves into something much more dangerous than a little paranormal fun?

Haunting Sarah
The children of identical twins Erica and Heather (Kim Raver in a dual role), Sarah and David, have always been best friends. But when David is tragically killed and Sarah is convinced his spirit is still present, their families descend into a life of haunting turmoil and, ultimately, danger.

The House That Would Not Die
Ruth Bennett and her niece, Sara, have just moved into a stately old home Ruth inherited from a distant relative. Invited to a dinner party by their handsome new neighbor, they meet a woman who wants to perform a séance in their home. At first Ruth is hesitant, but after a few days, she and Sara begin to hear strange noises and see bizarre things. When the séance produces even more unexplainable occurrences, they start to research the house’s history—with frightening results. If they ever want this to be their home sweet home, they’ll have to battle its dark past…and answer the call of the spirits.

Evidence of a Haunting
From demonic spirit infestation to menacing poltergeists, the Supernatural Phenomena Research Society covers a lot of territory. Tackling the paranormal problems of people across the country, this six person team faces the eerie afterlife with vim and vigor. But when they encounter their most difficult case yet in the tunnels below a community college, evil may finally overcome these ambitious investigators.
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