Reese Witherspoon Quad (1998-2005) R1 Custom Blu-Ray Cover

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The Reese Witherspoon Collection (Legally Blonde / Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde / Man In The Moon / SFW)

Legally Blonde (2001/96 Min.): Elle Woods is a California blonde with couture clothes. Fabulous friends and the hottest boyfriend on campus. But when he dumps her and heads for Harvard Law School, Elle follows him to fight for love, justice and respect for blondes everywhere. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde (2003/95 Min.): When Elle discovers her lovable chihuahua Bruiser’s mom is locked in an animal testing facility, she heads to Washington D.C. to demand her rights and take matters into her own well-manicured hands. The Man in the Moon (1991/100 Min.): When a handsome boy moves in next door, Dani and her older sister Maureen become rivals for his affection. But when tragedy strikes, the strength og their bond is the only thing that will keep both of their hearts from breaking. S.F.W. (1995/95 Min.): After being held captive for 36 days and broadcast live on network news, TV’s most popular hostages Cliff and Wendy finally escape, only to realize they’re still prisoners – of the media – and the only place left to run is to each other.
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