Sorcerer Hunters Vol 01 (2004) R1 EAC Cover & labels
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Sorcerer Hunters – Magical Encounters (Vol 1)

This comic fantasy focuses on a nutty quintet of characters with supernatural powers who wander the “Spooner Continent” battling the evil wizards who oppress mortals in their domains. The Hunters consist of muscular blond Gateau Mocha, elegant Marron Glace (pronounced “glayss,” rather than “glah-SAY”), his rhinestone-in-the-rough brother Carrot, relatively subdued Tira Misu, and her flamboyant sister, Chocolate. The Misu sisters nurture crushes on Carrot, who avoids their advances but chases every other female in sight. Following the orders of the goddesslike “Big Momma” (sent via her winged messenger Dotta), the Hunters tackle Viscount Regner, who’s raising a vicious dragon in “Floating Bridge of Love.” Beautiful Barbara Ouiblert turns hapless young men to stone in “Unwritten Laws of Light and Dark.” As the episodes only last about 21 minutes including titles, the stories tend to end before they’ve really had time to develop. The villains are fairly nasty, but the Good Guys sometimes act a little too silly: Tira and Chocolate spend so much time abusing Carrot, it’s difficult to think of them as heroines. The gentler episode 5, in which Carrot befriends a mysterious girl, suggests the characters possess depths the filmmakers have yet to explore. Not rated; suitable for ages 12 and up for sexual humor and violence. –Charles Solomon
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