The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002) R1 Custom Labels

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

Return to the magnificence of Notre Dame in Disney’s all-new movie, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME II, a fun, romantic adventure told with vibrant animation and music as soaring as its setting. Still the faithful protector of Notre Dame’s beloved bells, Quasimodo now rings them with the help of Esmeralda and Phoebus’s little boy, Zephyr, who is Quasi’s best friend. Stopping with Zephyr at a traveling circus owned by the evil magician Sarousch, Quasi is captivated by Sarousch’s lovely assistant, Madellaine. But greedy Sarousch is plotting to steal the Cathedral’s most famous bell — with Madellaine’s unwilling help. Encouraged by some laughably misguided advice from his gargoyle pals, Quasi listens to his own heart — and discovers that he, too, must look past appearances to find true love. It’s “smart, funny, and packed with lessons about humanity for the whole family,” raves Jim Brosseau of “Ladies’ Home Journal.” All of the original voice talent reprise their roles, including Demi Moore as Esmeralda, Tom Hulce as Quasimodo, and Kevin Kline as Phoebus. Jennifer Love Hewitt stars as Madellaine and Haley Joel Osment brings Zephyr to life in this magical, musical celebration of the beauty inside everyone.|As the storyline developed for HUNCHBACK II, the creative team decided early on that they wanted the film to have a lighter tone than the original. “I think we wanted to see Quasi have a happy ending,” says Ellen Gurney, VP of Walt Disney Television Animation.|The greatest challenge for the writers was finding a girl suitable for Quasi. “We wanted to find someone who was fun and would bring out the less serious side of Quasi,” notes writer Cindy Marcus.|The main theme of the movie is that true beauty is on the inside. “Thematically, we used La Fidele Bell as symbolism for inner beauty,” says director Brad Raymond. “The outside is rusted and old, but the inside is encrusted with gold and jewels.”|Jennifer Love Hewitt performs the end title credit song, “I’m Gonna Love You (Madellaine’s Love Song”), which she also cowrote.
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