The Jack Nicholson Filmography - Set 1 (1958-1963) R1 Custom Cover

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The Cry Baby Killer (Back-to-Back Jack Edition)

THE CRY BABY KILLER: Don’t miss a young Jack Nicholson, one of Hollywood’s most enduring and celebrated icons, as he makes his screen debut starring in this Roger Corman classic. Seventeen-year-old Jimmy Wallace (Nicholson) is a jilted teen with a big chip on his shoulder. In a brawl over a girl, Jimmy grabs for a gun, shoots and panics, thinking he’s killed one of the punks. Jimmy accidentally involves three hostages, who include a mom and her baby, by ducking into a storeroom. Despite the best efforts of the police, Jimmy is too scared to surrender. A media circus develops, adding more pressure to a wild standoff. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS: Enjoy back-to-back Jack with this chilling cult classic, THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Shot in just two days, this beat-era favorite packs plenty of inspired lunacy. Seymour, the inept assistant florist, saves his job by nurturing a man-eating plant to health and drawing customers – and more than a little blood. As the chorus of “Feed me, FEED me!” coming from the talking plant reaches a crescendo, Seymour is forced to find more victims. Jack Nicholson’s breakout moment comes in his comic turn as a masochistic dental patient who gets giddy over the prospect of having his teeth pulled!
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