The Living Planet (1984) R1 Custom Cover

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The Living Planet – A Portrait of the Earth

This 4 DVD Box Set contains 12 programs hosted by anthropologist David Attenborough . New Worlds: As the planet spins, shifts, erupts, melts, and freezes, it forces its inhabitants to accept this truth: A life-form either changes its ways or it passes away.; The Frozen World: They shouldn’t support life, the coldest, most desolate reaches of the earth.; The Margins of the Land: The Earth seems to have saved (reserved) some of its most remarkable displays of life for that special place where the land meets the sea.; Jungle: It spans the globe – an immense, green, equatorial belt called the jungle.; Sweet Fresh Water: As fresh water makes its mad, headlong plunge from the mountains to the salty oceans, it actually seems to “age.”; The Northern Forests: Anthropologist David Attenborough’s probing cameras and fresh insights make the woodlands a wonderland of fascinating extremes.; The Building of the Earth: From the icy summits of the Himalayas to the lush Tropics, anthropologist David Attenborough’s view is awesome.; Worlds Apart: In a stirring piece of filmmaking, anthropologist David Attenborough takes you to out-of-the-way places that are, in every sense of the phrase, out of this world.; Seas of Grass: Where it grows, there is life.; The Open Ocean: Water covers two-thirds of the Earth, but the immense, tantalizing world beneath the sea remains one of the planet’s great mysteries.; The Sky Above: If the atmosphere that surrounds the Earth can be called an envelope, then anthropologist David Attenborough delivers it in a first-class and awe-inspiring way.; The Baking Deserts: Scorching days, frigid nights. The desert should be the most relentlessly hostile place for life on the planet.
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