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Sons Of Katie Elder, The (1965)

Sons Of Katie Elder, The (DVD)

Henry Hathaway directs the 1965 psychological Western The Sons of Katie Elder. Four sons reunite in their Texas hometown to attend t heir mother ‘s funeral. John (John Wayne) is the gunfighter, Tom (Dean Martin) is th e gambler, Matt (Earl Holliman) is the quiet one, and Bud (Michael Ande rson Jr.) is the youngest. They soon learn that their father gambled awa y the family ranch, leading to his own murder. The brothers decide to f ind their father’s killer and get back the ranch, even though they are d iscouraged to do so by loca l Sheriff Billy Wilson (Paul Fix). When the sheriff turns up dead, the Elder boys are blamed for the murder. Deputy Sheriff Ben Latt a (Jeremy Slate) joins forces with the only witnesses o f the murder: Morgan Hastings (James Gregory) and his son Dave (Dennis H opper ). A gunfight breaks out between the Hastings gang and the Elder g ang. After his brother Matt is killed, John decides to settle the ranch dispute in a court of law with a judge (Sheldon Allman). However, Tom de cides to take matters into his own hands by kidnapping Dave. After the final climactic gunfight, John and the wounded Bud retreat to a rooming house owned by Mary Gordon (Martha Hyer).

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