Tom Cruise Filmography - Set 2 (1986-1989) R1 Custom Blu-Ray Cover

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UK Released DVD/Blu-Ray item. It MAY NOT play on regular US DVD/Blu-Ray player. You may need a multi-region US DVD/Blu-Ray player to play this item. The Blu-ray of Legend gets off to a very, very good start. Right from the off, youâ€TMre offered a choice of one of two different cuts of the movie. Thereâ€TMs the theatrical version, which many grew up with. But also, thereâ€TMs Ridley Scottâ€TMs longer, richer directorâ€TMs cut. Both, thankfully, are included on the disc. Itâ€TMs the key extra feature thatâ€TMs been included on the Blu-ray, and an important one.

Elsewhere? Well, ordinarily, the first part of a high definition upgrade that would stand out would be the picture quality of a film. In the case of Legend though, itâ€TMs the glorious score that plays over the menus. It sounds crisp and really quite wonderful, and remains so right through the feature itself.

Thankfully, the picture upgrade, too, is worth the investment. Considering how dark large parts of Legend are, itâ€TMs a challenging film to successfully transfer to disc. But itâ€TMs fine work thatâ€TMs been done here. It really gets across just how young a certain Tom Cruise used to look, too, with the crispness of the 1080p transfer.

As with many fantasy films of the 1980s, the emphasis on practical effects is striking, and welcome. They hold up a lot better than you might be expecting in more exposed high definition. But then, so does the film itself. Itâ€TMs a magical piece of work, in a genre that neither Tom Cruise nor Ridley Scott has spent much time in across their careers. And fortunately, the Blu-ray proves to be a worthwhile upgrade. —Jon Foster

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