Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) (1999)

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Violent Mosh

Excellent 80’s type Brazilian thrash metal originally released in 2004 as a 4-song EP, now re-issued with 3 bonus tracks. Thrash hounds should dig this by any means! TRACK LISTING: 1. Let The Violation Begin 2. Thrash Maniacs 3. Artillery Attack 4. The Plague Never Dies 5. Massacre (bonus track) 5. Shadow Of Death (bonus track) 6. Killer Instinct (bonus track)
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Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) - Front 1994 Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) - Back Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) - CD Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) - Booklet (1-4) Violator - Violent Mosh (EP) - Inlay