Whoopi Goldberg Collection - Set 7 (1999) R1 Custom Cover

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Cirque du Soleil – Alegria: An Enchanting Fable

A film event inspired by Cirque du Soleil. Alegria is the touching story of Frac (Rene Bazinet), a street mime who has lost all love for his art and life, deciding to end it all by lying in front of an oncoming train. When his 11-year-old friend Momo (Clipper Miano) insists on joining the suicide attempt, Frac must save them both. The train carries a traveling circus, and when it stops, Frac catches sight of Giulietta (Julie Cox), the troupe’s beautiful lead singer and performer. Frac falls instantly and rapturously in love, but to pursue Giulietta, he must overcome her father, Fleur (Frank Langella), the circus leader who disapproves of Frac. When Giulietta abandons the troupe to be with Frac and help save Momo from an abusive taskmaster who forces young children to sell flowers on the street, the wonderful cirque falls apart. Realizing that Giulietta must return, she and Frac help Fleur understand that the mission of the cirque is to console a suffering world. The show, like life, must go on. 93 minutes.
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