Wolf Creek Double Feature (2004-2013) R1 Custom Cover

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Wolf Creek 1 + Wolf Creek 2

Inspired by true crime events, these are the films that changed the way we think of the outback…and these are the films that introduced the world to one of the most brutal, sadistic and remorseless serial killers in cinematic history. Mick Taylor is evil incarnate – he kills for fun, but never quickly. Now for the first time, we dare you to try and endure both of Greg McLean’s seminal horror films together. It’s a festival of sheer terror, with John Jarratt bringing to life one of the most unspeakable beasts ever put on film – violent, funny, disgusting, witty and sick all at the same time. Travel back to Wolf Creek for this unflinching, unforgettable box set experience – Mick Taylor is still hunting there…and you’re his next prey. Let’s Play! WOLF CREEK: Mick Taylor [John Jarratt] is an outback force – a loner, a larrikin and an expert hunter. For years he hunted wild boars for a living but now he has switched to a different beast – tourists being his specialty. Mick greets his prey with a wry smile and a laid back charm, lures them back to his remote campsite …and shuttered from the prying eyes of the world, carries out acts of unspeakable horror. Mick Taylor kills for fun, but never quickly. Young backpackers, Kristy [Kestie Morassi], Liz [Cassandra Magrath] and Ben [Nathan Phillips] have just met Mick at Wolf Creek National Park. He’s promised to fix their broken down car after towing it back to his camp. What they are about to experience is to look into the eyes of a cold blooded killer who knows no mercy. WOLF CREEK 2: Now nearly a decade on, Mick Taylor has matured into a beast more sadistic and cunning than ever before. He’s returned for the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the kill. Switching from gutting boars to back-packers, Mick is on a rampage to wipe tourists off the map, one prey at a time. Brit traveller [Ryan Corr] has just landed in the wrong place at the wrong time…and the chase is on.
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