Angelina Jolie Collection (1998-2010) R1 Custom Blu-Ray Cover

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Brad Pitt / Angelina Jolie Collection

Hollywood’s hottest couple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are not only on the front page of the tabloids, they’re at the top of the box office! This seven-film collection features memorable Brangelina performances as well as appearances by their A-list peers.

Plagued by a rare skin disease, Rick (Brad Pitt) hides his face from the world with a mask—until he meets a girl who inspires him to reveal his true self.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Sue Bradley (Juliette Lewis), with the help of a lowlife named Billy Canton (Brad Pitt), finds herself charged with murder and facing the death penalty.

A widow (Michelle Pfeiffer) and the brother of a murder victim (Ashton Kutcher) find love while bonding over their grief.

Michael (Sam Worthington) and Joanna Reed (Keira Knightley) appear to have it all…until they both find themselves facing infidelity.

A sexy romantic comedy about modern couples coming together in funny and unexpected ways. Starring Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Phillippe and Dennis Quaid.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Anthony Hopkins, Hope Davis and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this powerful story of a young woman haunted by her father’s past and the shadow of her own future.

A brief and steamy tryst between married professor Alex Connor and seductive student Sheila (Jennie Garth) turns treacherous when he breaks it off.
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