3rd Rock from the Sun - Season 2 (1997) R1 Custom cover & labels

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3rd Rock From the Sun – Season 2

Do NOT approach, subject considered dangerously funny!

Aliens have come to Earth to learn about its population, customs etc. To blend in, they have taken on human form which gives them human emotions but with no comprehension of how to decipher such emotions. Their uninhibited and candid reactions along with their complete lack of social etiquette turn everyday events into unusual, awkward and hilarious situations. Watch this band of loveably clueless resident “visitors” as they make their way through everyday life, observing the humans’ every move.

Starring: John Lithgow (Sherk), Kristen Johnston (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me), French Stewart, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer), Jane Curtin (SN L), Simbi Khali, Elmarie Wendel, Wayne Knight (Seinfeld)

Episode List:

  1. See Dick Continue to Run (2)
  2. See Dick Continue to Run, Continued (3)
  3. Hotel Dick
  4. Big Angry Virgin From Outer Space
  5. Much Ado About Dick
  6. Dick the Vote
  7. Fourth and Dick
  8. World’s Greatest Dick
  9. My Mother The Alien
  10. Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick
  11. Dick Jokes
  12. Jolly Old St. Dick
  13. Proud Dick
  14. Romeo & Juliet & Dick
  15. Guilty as Dick
  16. Dick on One Knee
  17. Same Old Song and Dick
  18. I Brake for Dick
  19. Dick Behaving Badly
  20. Dickmalion
  21. Sensitive Dick
  22. Will Work For Dick
  23. Fifteen Minutes of Dick
  24. Dick and the Single Girl
  25. A Nightmare on Dick Street (1)
  26. A Nightmare on Dick Street (2)  

Out-of-this-world bonus features: Candid interview with John Lithgow, Bloopers, Best of Sally featurette, Bloopers of the 3D episodes, Season 2 highlights!

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