Arnold Schwazernegger - Volume 1 (1985-1988) R1 Custom Blu-Ray Cover

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Red Sonja

The peaceful life of Sonia [Brigitte Nielsen]is shattered when her parents are killed by Queen Gedren, who rules by terror and carries a talisman with which she can annihilate the planet. Sonja sets out to avenge her parent’s death and is granted extraordinary powers by a mysterious vision. But she must vow never to fall in love with a man unless he is stronger than her. On her way to fine Queen Gedren, she meets Kalidor a stranger gifted with unusual strength. Red Sonia will appeal to fans of Conan The Barbarian and Conan The Distroyer. Like those two movies, the film is based on characters created by sword-and-sorcery writer Robert E Howard.
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