Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary (2009) PC

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Electronic Arts Medal Of Honor 10th Anniversary

Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults
Platform: Windows XP

Electronic Arts Medal Of Honor 10th Anniversary : A devastating world war rages on two fronts. On the European front, a continent lies in flames. In the Pacific theater, a brutal battle is being waged across remote islands. On sea, on land and by air, soldiers are fighting not just for immediate victory, but to determine the future of a world torn apart. In this five-title pack celebrating the 10th anniversary of the enduring Medal of Honor series, you have the opportunity to take part in some of history’s most renowned battles. Storm the beaches at Normandy and fight for Guadalcanal as you explore history from behind the muzzle of a gun in this powerful first-person shooter series.With Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary, you’ll receive five groundbreaking Medal of Honor titles in a single box. Put your skills to use on the European front in Allied Assault and its two expansion packs, Spearhead and Breakthrough. Experience warfare of a different style in the Pacific theater with Pacific Assault
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