Mouse Hunt (1998) R1 Custom Label

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Mousehunt (DVD)

Gore Verbinski, the TV-commercials director responsible for the Budweise r frogs, directed this Adam Rifkin screenplay about two brot hers (Natha n Lane and Lee Evans) who inherit a string factory and a decaying countr y home after the death of their father (the late William Hickey, in his last role). After moving in, they learn that the house has historical ar chitectural importance and is valued in the millions. However, they are constantly tormented by a mouse within the walls. They engage in cartoon -like combat against the rodent, but it manages to outwit the brothers i n successive situations. Both live and animatronic mice portray the titl e role, and s ome scenes assume the mouse’s point of view. The film is d edicated to William Hickey.

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