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Sabrina (1995)

Sabrina (1995) (DVD)

A remake of a 1954 Billy Wilder romance, this updated version of the pla y Sabrina Fair was directed by Sydney Pollack. Julia Ormond stars as Sab rina Fairchild, the daughter of a kindly chauffeur (John Wood) at the Lo ng Island estate of the upper crust Larrabee fam ily. Sabrina has grown up enchanted from afar with the Larrabees’ sparkling world of privilege and wealth, but she’s especially enam ored of younger Larrabee brother D avid (Greg Kinnear), a charming womanizer. After the once plain Sabrina returns from a sojourn in Paris transformed into a remarkably poised and attractive young woman, she at long last catches David’s eye. In a calc ulated effort to manipulate David away from her and into a more financia lly advantageous marriage, older brother Linus (Harrison Ford) pretends to woo Sabrina himself, but finds himself unintentionally falling in lo ve.

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