Scare Crow (2002) R2 DUTCH Custom
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Pushed to the edge by bullies. Girls and his mother s white-trash boyfriend; lonely teenager Lester finally makes a friend in the sheriffs daughter Judy but when he sees her kiss another boy at a party that s the last straw he picks a fight with his mom s boyfriend and as their fight Rages out of control Lester is brutally slain and left hanging from a spooky tree in the middle of the cornfield. One year Later. As young people ate mysteriously slaughtered Judy discovers that Lester s spirit trapped in the cornfield s scarecrow. Is stalking his bullies and wreaking vengeance on the town haunting the cornfields then striking in the dead of night the scarecrow slices a path of blood thru his Former tormentors as the bodies pile up Judy fights tooth and nail to destroy the sinister creature before he makes her his next hill but how can she destroy something that s already dead? System Requirements: Running Time 90 MinFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: HORROR Rating: R UPC: 750723121826 Manufacturer No: YPD1218
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