Star Wars: Ewoks Double Feature (1984 & 1985) R2 German Cover

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Star Wars Ewok Adventures – Caravan of Courage / The Battle for Endor

Reading through all these people bashing these movies has me shaking my head. Really what can you expect out of television movies about Ewoks? To criticize these movies as being too childish is like criticizing the smurfs for being blue. rnThese movies were made for kids and not the people like me who saw the original STAR WARS movies in the theater as a kid but are now in their 30s. Really though to be able to get two movies on DVD for about half the price of a tank of gas to me sounds like an okay deal. People really should lighten up and take into account the audience these TV movies were made for.rnOne bright spot in these movies are some quite ambitious special effects (for TV at least).
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