Steven Seagal Collection (5-disc) (1988-2010) R1 Custom Blu-Ray Cover

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8-Movie Action Collection [Blu-ray]

Ruslan aka Driven to Kill
Ruslan (Steven Seagal), a former Russian mobster, must return to his dark past when his daughter is brutally attacked hours before marrying the son of a powerful family rival.

Road of No Return
A mismatched group of hitmen team up to take out drug smugglers, but end up rescuing a pair of orphaned girls and putting their own lives in danger. Co-starring Michael Madsen and David Carradine.

Silver Hawk
Silver Hawk (Michelle Yeoh), a feisty female superhero, uses her martial arts training to stop a villain from controlling minds and enslaving the world.

Taken in Broad Daylight
The true, inspiring story of teenager Anne Sluti’s will to survive after being kidnapped from a mall parking lot by career criminal Tony Zappa. Starring James Van Der Beek, Sara Canning, and LeVar Burton.

Hired hitman Jack is having a career crisis. With a new job lined up and a different employment prospect hassling him to change teams, it seems business is good. But when a former flame shows up, her personal problems begin to interfere in a dangerous way.

Formosa Betrayed
1983, Taiwan. A professor with U.S. citizenship has been murdered. FBI agent Jake Kelly (James Van Der Beek) has been called in to assist in the investigation. But as Kelly learns more about Taiwanese history, he also finds himself being drawn into the country’s political mess.

Tunnel Vision
The victim of a violent attack, Gabriel (Cristos) awakens to learn that the man responsible for his injuries has killed his wife and son. When the jury fails to convict him, Gabriel wants to take matters into his own hands. But this time, the quest for vengeance must be a battle of wits.

Burning Daylight
Adapted from the works of acclaimed novelist Jack London, Robert Knepper lends his talents to this trio of gritty short stories. From the bowels of 20th century New York to the cutthroat atmosphere of Wall Street, rivaled thieves, ruthless women and risky business men are the stars of this show.
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