The Dish - Verloren im Weltall (2000) R2 German Label

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It is a date that will be remembered for all time. July 20 1969 – the day man first set foot upon the moon. That one shining moment was witnessed by a television audience of six hundred million people across the globe. Remarkably, those immortal images came via a dish in outback Australia. It may have been one small step for man, but for a handful of Aussie scientists, it was a giant leap. And one that almost didn’t happen… Based on an amazing true story, the creators of the award winning hit comedy The Castle tell the funny and moving tale of Australia’s part in the Apollo 11 moon mission. Critically acclaimed world-wide [including the Toronto, the London and the Sundance Film Festivals], the biggest local box-office smash in years stars Sam Neill [Jurassic Park], Kevin Harrington [TV’s SeaChange], Tom Long [Two Hands] and Patrick Warburton [TV’s Seinfeld, Scream 3].
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