Walt Disney Animation Collection - Volume 4 (1940-2005) R1 Custom Cover

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Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 4 – Starring Chip ‘n Dale

An hour-long collection of Disney cartoons. Chicken in the Rough, 1951, In a farmyard a hen is sitting on a nest of eggs when Chip an’ Dale, who are picking acorns, come upon the eggs. A baby chick comes out of one of the eggs and Dale, in trying to stuff chick back into the egg, gets involved with a rooster. He is finally trapped under hen with rooster pacing out in front. Chip ‘n’ Dale, 1947, Cold Awakens Donald; he goes out to chop tree for log. Chipmunks, Dale and Chip, inside log, shaken out into snow, follow Don into house to get nuts left in log. They try various ways to get log from fireplace and finally succeed. Out of Scale, 1951, Donald, as the engineer of a miniature train, runs into difficulties with Chip ‘n Dale when he replaces an oak tree, where they have stored nuts, with a miniature tree. A chase follows and chipmunks end up in the miniature village where they duck into a tiny house. Gags follow with Donald simulating extremes of weather. Chips decide to get their tree back. Tree is kicked onto tracks and train drives a hold through the tree. Chips put “Giant Redwood” sign on tree and convince Donald it is in scale. Two Chips and a Miss, 1952, Chipmunks attend a nightclub and vie with one another for attention of a nightclub singer who divides her attention between the two. Food for Feudin’, 1950, Chipmunks fill a tree with nuts. Pluto causes the nuts to roll down into his doghouse. They try to retrieve nuts. Eventually lure Pluto up hill with nuts. Working for Peanuts, 1953, Chip and Dale steal peanuts from Dolores, the elephant. Donald, using Dolore’s trunk as a vacuum cleaner, pulls the peanuts away from the thieves, and then in machine-gun fashion, he shoots the nuts back at the chipmunks. He misses the chipmunks, they laugh, he chases them and knocks himself out by hitting a wall. Chipmunks cover themselves with whitewash, and sneak back into the zoo as rare albino chipmunks, fooling both Donald and Dolores into giving them more peanuts. Out on a Limb, 1950, Donald, as a tree surgeon, discovers the tree home of Chip an’ Dale and decides to have sport. The chipmunks, unaware he is in the tree, think the tree pruner is a monster. Gags with pruner and lawn mower; Donald loses and has tantrum. Three for Breakfast, 1948, Chip and Dale try to get pancakes which Donald is making. Fork flies in and leaves with pancake on it. Continues until fork misses and sticks into pan of rubber cement, spilling on stove which forms rubber pancake. Donald replaces pancake with rubber cake. The chipmunks are frustrated, and the gag backfires on Donald. Dragon Around, 1954, Donald, a steamshovel operator, is clearing an excavation and must tear out the tree where the Chips are living. Chip and Dale have been reading a fairy tale and imagine the steamshovel is a dragon. When they see their home threatened, they set out to ‘kill’ the dragon. Donald decides he is going to have some fun and tease the Chips. In the course of the battle that ensues, the Chips manage to get into Donald’s tool chest. With his wrench they unbolt the steamshovel, causing it to fall apart. Having thus ‘slain’ the “Dragon,” they save their home.
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