Wire in the Blood - Season 2 (2004) R1 Custom Cover & labels

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Wire in the Blood – Complete Second Season

Wire in the Blood: The Complete Second Season Extraordinary understanding of the criminal mind enables clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill (Robson Green) to empathize with both victim and murderer. Working with Carol Jordan of the Bradfield Police (Hermione Norris), Dr. Hill profiles and tracks down vicious killers in northern England. DISC 1 – STILL SHE CRIES When Dr. Hill enlists a female student in the reopened investigation of a serial killer, more than his judgment is called into question. DISC 2 – THE DARKNESS OF LIGHT Current murder victims found beneath ancient remains lead Dr. Hill to the supernatural conclusion that the same murderer is at work. DISC 3 – RIGHT TO SILENCE Two brutal murders point to a notorious gang boss who is in prison. Could he be orchestrating the killings from behind bars? DISC 4 – SHARP COMPASSION Someone is preying on Bradfield’s most vulnerable hospital patients. Emerging reason to suspect terrorism attracts the attention of MI5.
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